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4/14/2019 – News Update

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Our deals add up to great savings. So don’t miss your chance to get this TI Calculator at a fraction of the price of new. EstateSalesAZ Arizona’s Estate Sales Professionals equals great bargains.

4/13/2019 – News Update

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Worried about the unlucky number 13 today? You never have to worry with EstateSalesAZ as we are Arizona’s Top Notch Estate Sales Company.

Online Estate Sale

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Estate Sale # 19-001015

Contact us at for any questions or to purchase any of the items show below.

More About EstateSalesAZ:

EstateSalesAZ is a new family owned estate sales company that offers great deals for both the estate and our customers.

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Offer Up


For items we are shipping, we only accept payment via the Offer Up option to ship.

In person pick ups, we accept cash or credit cards for payment. Please note we are required to collect an 8.1% sales tax on all items sold.

Terms and Conditions:

All offers are “as is” and there are no returns accepted.

Delivery is not included in the price of the item. However, delivery is available through a 3rd party moving service.

If the “PRICE IS FIRM” is marked, it means that the price is firm and We will not negotiate the price. If the price is not marked as firm, then reasonable offers will be considered. Low ball offers or those that want to waste our time will be blocked.

4/11/2019 – News Update

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Any Harry Potter fans? This collectible 7 book series in a collectible trunk is just one of the many items we currently have up for sale at our EstateSalesAZ Virtual Estate Sale. Check out our Offer Up page for more information.

4/10/2019 – News Update

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Have extra clutter? Don’t want to hassle with selling it yourself?

Contact us to sell anything from a single item to a house filled of family treasures. 

We are one of the few licensed, bonded and insured company serving Arizona’s Estate Sales needs.

4/9/2019 – News Update

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When looking to hire an estate sale company make sure they are licensed, insured and bonded to protect you and the estate from liability.

EstateSalesAZ is Arizona’s Top Notch Estate Sales company that is licensed, insured and bonded.

4/8/2019 – News Update

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Spring cleaning is in the air. Let us know if you would like help cleaning out the extra unwanted items from your closets. Check us out at

4/5/2019 – News Update

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Don’t stay in the dark. Check out these matching battery operated candle scones to light your way. This and other great deals available at our OfferUp Virtual Estate Sale Page.

4/4/2019 – News Update

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No reason to have #fomo if you join our mailing list. Get your chance to win a $50 gift card, find insider information about our sales and save money with discount codes.‬