Confidential Document Shredding

Why EstateSalesAZ Document Shredding?

You may ask why does an estate sale company care about document shredding? We care about our clients and customers and this is one way to give back and protect them from harm while we clean out an estate that has confidential paperwork left behind or help a customer shred old records they been storing in their home office.

In today’s day and age identity theft is running rampant. It is said that every two (2) seconds someone in the United States is a victim of identity theft. We at EstateSalesAZ can help protect you from identity theft by shredding pre-approved credit card offers, old bills, out-of-date account statements, and other personal documents that include confidential information.

How do we shred with EstateSalesAZ?

We accept old documents to be shredded from our estate sale clients, clients looking to just shred confidential information, and the community during our Shred-a-thons events. Regardless of how you use our services, they are a perfect way to destroy old tax records, checks, employment records, credit applications, or other documents that contain confidential information.

Shredding vs. Grinding?

We call it a shred event but we grind your records so they cannot be pieced back together as seen below in this example. This is the most secure way of shredding or grinding your records. Don’t waste your time by sitting next to your strip shredder feeding it sheet by sheet wishing your documents were securely disposed of let us grind them to impossible to put back together pieces.

Our Pricing?

Our pricing is simple and based on a per box (banker size) or medium-sized trash can rate. Rates do vary from time to time-based on distance and quantities of materials to be shredded.

For more information or to schedule a pick up please call 623-764-1392.

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