Business Assets Liquidations

We take the stress out of liquidating small to large inventories so you can concentrate on moving forward.

We know your time is precious, so we have a process that is seamless with no upfront cost to you.  We also understand that no circumstances are the same for needing our services. We offer you top notch services that we would offer our own family in their time of need.

After hiring EstateSalesAZ we bring you a team of hard-working, careful and trustworthy family who will clean, sort, stage, appraise, price, market and sell the contents of your business. We price your items based on our years of expert appraising and our current research based on market values of your items. We also allow our clients to place special reserve prices on assets that they wish to only sale if the price is right.

Once your items are priced and the sale is ready we advertise through our growing social network and e-mail subscribers. We use our various online and print options to attract the most people to get the highest return on your items.  

Typically our sales run from 15 to 30 days depending on the size of your business and the traffic to the sale. We do not allow our staff nor early birds to purchase items prior to the sale date. All sales will be handled on-site during the duration of the sale.

Depending on the business we will provide a cleaning service that will allow the site to be broom swept and cleaned so it is ready for return to the landlord.  Additionally we can arrange for the surplus items to be taken to a local charity and a tax receipt will be provided to our clients.

Assets come in all forms, whether it is office furniture or product we can liquidate your assets and give you ready to return space to get your security deposit back.

Once the sale has completed, we will send you a check minus the previously agreed upon reasonable charges which are based on several factors: size of business, contents to be liquidated and other services requested.  Expenses in connection with your sale are taken out of our fee, so you will not be charged on the back-in nor any surprise fees or charges.

Our number one goal is to work with you before, during and after the sale to make sure you receive our world class service in this time of need.

Please ask us about the services we offer to conclude your sale. One option is our “Security Deposit Return” program where we empty the business of all the assets after the sale and clean top to bottom to get the property ready to return for your full security deposit refund. The other options include our donation to charity program where the remainder of the assets is donated to charity and the business receives a tax receipt.

Please do not hesitate to contact us about our services if you have any questions. We want you to feel comfortable as if you were working with your business for this project.

For more information or to schedule a estimate please call 623-764-1392.

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