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4/24/2019 – News Update

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Our new 25% Off postcard coupons are here. To get 25% off is as easy as joining our mailing list. Spam not included.

4/23/2019 – News Update

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Check out our website and our OfferUp page for new unique items that you can find at EstateSalesAZ.

4/22/2019 – News Update

Doing the right thing runs deep in the veins of our company. It’s not just one of our values, it is who we are.

After seeing other companies that were not licensed, insured or that had unethical business practices led us to start EstateSalesAZ. Our integrity made us Arizona’s Top Notch Estate Sales company.

4/21/2019 – News Update

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Happy Easter! Hop on over for great deals on unique items that are available online at

4/20/2019 – News Update

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EstateSalesAZ is Arizona’s top notch estate sales and moving liquidation experts. We service the entire Phoenix Metro area from Apache Junction to North Peoria to Buckeye to Fountain Hills. Let us know if you would like to utilize our services.

Reminder – Online Estate Sale

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Don’t forget to check out our online estate sale full of excellent deals and unique finds.

For more information check out our OfferUp profile at

4/18/2019 – News Update

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Looking to sell a few items but do not have the time or desire to do it yourself? We can sell one or thousands of items to our buyer’s network.

4/17/2019 – News Update

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Don’t forget to subscribe to our mailing list to get your chance to win a $50 gift card to an EstateSalesAZ estate sale. You can subscribe at The contest ends on May 1st.

4/16/2019 – News Update

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While you wait for Detective Pichachu to open in theaters you can rock out on this Bluetooth Pokeball Speaker. No trainer should be without one!

4/15/2019 – News Update

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Coffee, toast, smoothies and more can be made from the great deals you find at EstateSalesAZ Estate Sales. Check our current estate sales for more information and excellent bargains.

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